10 Best Football Gloves 2020 – [ Do Not Buy Before Reading This! ]

To start off, football gloves have been introduced in the sports world in 1939. Since then, it has come a long way and has improved drastically.

However, despite the changes from the first prototype up until today’s models, it still serves its purpose: to catch the ball more efficiently and protect the player’s hand.

What are the benefits of football gloves?

The benefits can be used in practices or during the big game day. Here are some of the most outstanding benefits when using football gloves:

  1. For better catch, adhesive surface is available.
  2. Keeps hands of athletes healthy.
  3. Ventilation: With added airflow, a pair of gloves can keep your hands dry and cool during the course of the game.

All about the best football gloves:

A good pair of gloves is essential if you are a football player. It protects the hands of the player and it gives safety for hands. There many brands and types available on the market which we can buy to use.

It is quite difficult to choose the best one for use, hence in this article, we have covered some of the best and good type of hand gloves which completes your safety in your game. Take a look at the list so that you can pick the best for your hands.

Cutters rev pro:

This is one the best option available if you are looking for hand gloves for a football player. We recommend you to buy this without any hesitation. This glove comes with some Impressive features.

This product comes with 38 color combinations and it is very light in weight. It provides you complete safety to your hands. This is a favorite of many users and this is easily available at affordable prices.

This piece of hand gloves comes with quality check and you can buy it easily from amazon also. These are extremely well but the only limitation is, this is not suitable in rain. Refer size chart before buying so that you can get the best size for your hand.

It has well-placed padding in it and many colors available that we can choose from. This is good in breathability. It provides a good ball grip and we can wash it in machines also. This is less grippy when it is wet, but we can skip this disadvantage.

Nike vapor jet 5.0:

This is also on the top of the list. It comes with some features which give you the best grip during the match. It has good internal airflow. It can protect injury-prone areas.

It gives you an excellent grip on the ball and it is secure for hands. There is a variety of colors available that can helps you to choose according to your choice. It is a very handy and easily available product.

Under armor F6:

It is also a good and handy option if you are looking for best hand gloves. It is very grippy on the ball and breathable also. It made up of soft and smooth material. It has wicks sweat inside.

This product is very steady and firm as well as it is very well constructed for playing purposes. It also has a lot of options in colors. It is made up of soft and smooth material. Anyone can buy this without confusion and it is easily available on Amazon.

Adidas adizero:

Adidas is one of the best brands and it is an already well-known brand for sports accessories. It comes with very light material and provides a good fit for hands. It provides true size even when you buy it online.

There are so many brands available for football players and all those listed above are the best in quality as well as in features. They provide you special grip while playing.

How to choose the goalkeeper gloves?

First thing to be considered by customer during choice of gloves for goalkeepers. Firstly, he or she has to check the palm size.

A smooth latex layer of 3.5 mm to 4 mm is the most common. It is accurate to assume a thicker palm is generally higher quality.

Match gloves have a finer palm with the best grip, but compromise on durability. Training gloves have a denser palm with more synthetic materials to make them more durable, but simultaneously compromises grip quality.

As goalkeepers reach higher levels of competition, finger protection remains a personal preference. It may be preferred if a goalkeeper has a history of injuries. It is important to be aware that finger protection does not prevent all injuries, nor does it protect against stubbed and kicked fingers.

Finger protection may consist of spines for all five fingers, while others have protection for four fingers. Gloves with only four spines exclude a thumb spine.

The spines are either segmented (stiff) or flexible (bendable). Segmented spines bend forwards (but not backwards) to prevent finger hyperextension.

Best tips to select goalkeeper gloves:

As a goalkeeper, you can do your best to take of your gloves, but latex is a soft product that inevitably shows wear and abrasion after time. This should not stop you from taking care of your gloves. The better you care from them, the longer they will last.

  1. To get the most grips out of your gloves, prior to use you should dampen the palms with water.
  2. Avoid unnecessary abrasion. Do not allow the latex of your palm to touch the Velcro on your wrist strap when taking off your gloves. In training, do not get up using your palms, instead push yourself up with your fist.
  3. After training, wash your gloves in warm water and allow them to dry naturally. It is important to treat your gloves gently. Do not use a scrubber or apply heat to dry your gloves. Drying out natural moisture from your gloves will weaken their durability and grip by making them brittle.
  4. Store your gloves in a cool environment. Do not leave them out in a hot, dry environment (such as the hot car or lying out in the sun).

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Players would suffer from various regrettable penalties that can be unbelievable without using safe football gloves.

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